Antonio Mariaca

About Me

I was raised in a household consisting of my parents, 3 siblings, and 1 family computer in the 90's - 2000's. That bulky, slow, beige computer was my introduction to electronics in general. Unfortunately, being the youngest of my family, I was also the scapegoat to all the issues that pc had. Where my parents were tech-illiterate and my siblings were using µTorrent, I had to learn how to fix said computer or be grounded for "downloading viruses from" Ironically, I am now the family computer guy; when they have issues with their computer, they now ask me for my help.

C'est la vie, I suppose.

  • Age: 25
  • Residence: Houston, TX
  • Willing to Relocate: Yes
  • Freelance: Available

What I Do

Computer Hobbyist

From overclocking my PC, dual-booting laptops, repairing trashed PCs, or just decorating computers; I like to make a system feel like my own.


I'm always working on something so in the little time I do have, I can be found reading, listening to podcasts, or chatting with friends.


Personally, I love to cook. From Appetizers to Desserts, Veggies to Meats, Baking to Grilling; I'm a jack-of-all-trades cook.


The best way to understand something is to learn the level below it, and what's below all software? Hardware! Repairs, upgrades, or just curiosity; I'll open it up and take a look... I've voided so many warrenties I've lost count.

Fun Facts

Blood Donations


Working Hours


I have a dog.

He's Great!



University of Houston

Biology Major

Understanding major functions and characteristics of living organism down to the genetic level.

University of Houston

Electrical Power Engineering and Technology Minor

Understanding the strong foundation in measurement systems, analog and digital signal conditioning, microprocessor hardware and software, industrial electronics, and rotating machinery.


May 2019 - July 2021
Harris County Public Health

Lab Technician

Mosquito lab maintenance, sorting, trapping, collection, and testing. Additional projects include sterilization, dissection, measurement and data analysis of mosquitoes.

Jan. 2017 - Feb. 2018
Nothing Bundt Cakes


To bake all sizes and flavors of cakes offered by Nothing Bundt Cakes according to set standards, recipes and styles as well as keeping the baking station clean, sanitized and running efficiently, track inventory and order baking materials.

World of Beer


Clearing tables.

Biological Skills

Organism Culturing and Maintenance

Plasmid Transference

Genome Sequencing

DNA replication

Computer Skills

Hardware replacement or repair

Web Design (Like this one!)

OS/Dual-boot Installation

Hypervisor/Virtual Machines

Homelabs & Pentesting


  • Professional
  • Organized
  • Bilingual
  • Resourceful
  • Analytical
  • Adaptable
  • Problem-Solver
  • Communicater



CompTIA A+ Certified

Public Verification Code: 9BH6E21FVPB41F5H
Oct. 4 2021


Case Shell

No shell

Computer case
Case Taped


Computer case 2
Case Painting


Computer case 3
Case Finished


Computer case 4
Generic Lab

Lab Selfie

Biohazard Lab

Biohazard selfie

Labwork 2
disassemble laptop

Laptop salvaging

Raspberry Pi
screen with pi

Screen, motherboard, and pi

Raspberry Pi 2
Final Pi

Working salvaged Laptop

Raspberry Pi 3
Roomba repair

Repairing a roomba I found

Halloween LED Mask

My incomplete costume project

Misc 2
Halloween LED Mask 2

My incomplete costume project wiring

Misc 3




Freelance Available

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